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Peak Performance Through Proper Nutrition

In order to perform your best, you need to provide your body with the fuel it needs. At Pure Performance, we take a holistic approach to achieving your personal performance goals, and success starts in the kitchen.


Heather Metz is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant through AFPA (American Fitness Professionals Associates), a pilates instructor and a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Trained as a Civil Engineer from Virginia Tech, she discovered her passion for nutrition and became a health coach after she used nutrition to heal her daughter from a serious health condition. She has experienced first hand the power of nutrition on mental and physical health and athletic performance.

She can help guide you through the maze of confusing nutritional information popularized today. With practical and efficient methods of preparing traditional foods she can teach you how to nourish your kids to keep their minds and bodies in optimal condition. She offers group lectures, cooking demos, grocery store tours, meal planning and individual counseling.

She approaches nutrition with a scientific background, an eye on performance and the heart of a mom. No green smoothies here; Just the wisdom of a traditional nutrient dense diet!

To learn more about how Heather and the Pure Performance team can help you reach your goals, get in touch today!


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