Private / Semi-Private / Team Training

Project Athlete has consistently shown the ability to make athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive, regardless of their sport, age, or training history. As a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, I am regularly approached about training for middle school and high school aged athletes, and without hesitation I strongly recommend the coaches at Project Athlete every time. Sean Foster

Head of Sports Performance at American University, American University

Coach Kevin Carlson is one of the premiere performance coaches in the profession. His unique qualifications make him a desirable coach for all ages and abilities. Mike Hill

Head of Sports Performance at Georgetown University, Georgetown University

Project Athlete did a phenomenal job this fall helping our MadLax lacrosse players learn the core fundamentals of running properly. Cabell Maddux

MadLax Head Coach, MadLax

Project Athlete Pricing

Sessions Private Training (60) Private Training (40) Small-Group Training (60) 2-4 Athletes Small-Group Training (40) 2-4 Athletes Team Training – Paid up front by Coach and/or Parent
1 $115 $83 $65 $58 Prices In Chart Below
5 $110 $80 $60 $55
10 $105 $78 $55 $52
20 $100 $75 $50 $49

Also have the option of doing seasonal training camps: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Athletes sign up for 10x week programs at specified times.

PA Training Camps
1x/week – $45
2x/week – $40
3x/week – $35

Team Training – Paid upfront by the Coach or a Parent